Jul 6, 2015

Years Later

It's been a long time since I've sat down and wrote about video games. The primary reason was that I found writing reviews as detrimental to the positive "escape" they offered me. The more I wrote about them, the less I found myself enjoying them as a hobby. It started to feel like work, which led to some serious disconnect emotionally, and I really wanted to get that back.

I wrote for XBLA Fans for a couple years, not actively, but off and on. I wrote reviews on various websites, and have realized - the idea of writing a modern review just doesn't work anymore. With how easy it is to access information, writing ten paragraphs just to get to the point is going to be a thing of the past. I may post a couple on here going forward that highlight the good/bad, and I may not. I would love to use Upload Studio on Xbox One to make short reviews, so that's something I'm hoping to get into soon. Either way, I'll pop on here from time to time to post something. Might as well!

Getting back into writing on a regular basis is something I need to do, and plan to.

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